Maurice M Johnson
Radio Message
Los Angeles, California

I'm endeavoring to prove that the greatest enemy to our Christian homes are preachers whose sectarian training and denominational commitments demand that they ignore the headship of our Lord Jesus Christ in His church. It naturally follows that these spiritually headless preachers, paid hirelings of religious corporations, cannot possibly be jealous for and effective in instructing husbands and fathers in their God-given headship in the home. Loss of godly headship in the home can result in nothing but loss of authority, godly authority. And thus the vicious circle of disrespect and lawlessness is set to work: first in the church, denying the headship of Christ, then in the home.

God's program is a glorious unity. Break it in one place and you break the very life-chord so far as you and those under your leadership are concerned. When preachers are workers together with God, as is our wonderful privilege and fearful responsibility, we will never presume to advise God, the all-knowing, omniscient one. The most impudent thing on the face of this proud, non-progressive earth ... are religious inventions. No uninspired pen could describe the real character of depraved improvements upon divine perfection as well as the inspired psalmist does in Psalm 106 verse 39,

Thus were they defiled with their own works, and went a whoring with their own inventions.

Jot that reference down my friend and read it, and apply it to your own practices, Psalm 106 verse 39.

Inseparably united with this doctrine and life of church unity is the doctrine and fact of home family unity. In both of these divinely instituted groups there is to be one and only one head. As mentioned before, Paul's inspired epistle to the Ephesians gives in unmistakable language the divine mind for both the home and the church. In every wedding of which I'm privileged to speak, I read this passage in Ephesians 5:29-33. 1 then call attention to the wicked fact it is not without sickening significance that in a day when the headship of Jesus Christ over His own church is almost completely ignored, resulting inevitably in illicit religious marriages called denominational churches, it must be expected that godly headship and permanency in the home are Likewise increasingly common. The sordid result of religious division, harlotry, and adultery is the breakdown of the home.

But what do preachers have to do with causing all of this alarming disintegration of the very foundation of all that's best in our civilization? Let me repeat, with constantly growing conviction, that when preachers fail to recognize and passionately contend for the sanctity of the church of Jesus Christ, they cannot consistently and intelligently recognize and contend for the sanctity and order of the home. When one gives no reverent heed to the sovereign and sufficient headship of Jesus Christ in His church, that one has no spiritual basis for contending for godly headship and authority in the home.

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