Christ, The Rock

Maurice M. Johnson
Los Angeles, California

And I know that Iíve gone on that basis for years. Not that Iíve been 100% yielded to the Holy Spirit all the time, but I've gone on this basis, because I'm sure it's Biblical:   If I'm right with God and preach the best I know how, prayerfully and humbly and courageously whatever is needed at a given time, seeing every spiritual Christian in the audience will be made to say "Amen" in their heart, made to say "Amen". And those that are not will know that they're fighting God, not me. If I've given the truth and the truth makes them mad, they may try to make it appear that it's this fellow that they're against, but God will; He'll take care of them.

And this also is a stern reality and a beautiful reality: that if I'm right with God, if Iím in the will of God preaching as God called me to preach and enables me, then He's going to give me somebody to preach to. Some of you are here not because you deliberately made a choice, kind of like flipping a coin we'll say or because you like me personally or like some of the folk, but you became convinced that you had to recognize this assembly we'll say as being founded on a Biblical basis, that were just Christians endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit. And you had no choice, because a saved soul has no choice.

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