Maurice M Johnson
Los Angeles, California
March 31, 1963

Now again, they are saying, the teachers, in organized Christendom, the leaders in these denominations, are saying, "our divisions are scandals. We must look forward to a great, ecumenical, world church."

Now, you people who think ... maybe some are saying, "Now there he goes again. When have I heard him when he didn't speak against denominations?" Well I'll tell you, when you can expect me not to do it, in the glory. Because as long as I'm down here I want to deal realistically with conditions that exist. And I want to remember what we're all told by our faithful, omniscient God, that, "In the last days perilous times shall come."

The final form of it, before- Christ comes back and sets things in order, will be a marvelous, an utterly astounding, amazing world church that will have the ten kings, they probably will be so far as all the Near East is concerned in religion anyway, they will be the leaders, and we're told in Revelation they will have one mind. They will have been made drunk by the wine of the fornication of that old whore, Mystery Babylon. And she, that woman described in that horrible language, at the same time described as decked with silver and gold and pearls. But the cup that she offers to those world rulers, and of course the followers, the cup she offers to them is described there as a gold cup filled with the filthiness of her fornication.

When you and I let God describe sin, then we begin to get somewhere. Let God describe sin. Now I'm bringing out of course that this is Babylon, and all of the leaders are saying today that of course we shouldn't have all the denominations, especially the little ones.

And this tongues movement is becoming very popular with a lot of preachers and these teachers because they have been losing so many hundreds of thousands of dollars to the tongues preachers. You think Oral Roberts carries on his program ... he bought a 400 and something acre farm in Oklahoma and stocked it with high priced Angus cattle, got one bull, prize bull for $30,000. That's Oral Roberts, wonderful healer on the radio and TV. And now he has, what they boast, is the most beautiful, the most beautiful headquarters building in Tulsa, and it is a magnificent thing, marble in the front and, "Oi, yoi, yoi." It was written up and pictured in the so-called "Life" magazine some time ago.

Now look!  Do you want to deal with things as they are?  Do you want to be in the good fight or do you want to ...?  "Well, I don't care about those things."  You do care!  You’ve got to care. You can't escape it.  It's coming!  It's all around us!  God help us not to be liars. It's a fact, that we're either in Adam or we're in Christ.  And it's a fact that in Adam all die.  It's a fact that the unsaved people are headed (that are living) are headed for horrible times on this earth.  And the saved people are headed for glorious times after we die.  But in the world we will have... tribulation. "But be of good cheer." Why? "I have overcome the world." Who wants to be an overcomer spiritually? Now many people would rather -- nominal Christians,  just drift?

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