Maurice M Johnson
Publicly advertised meeting
Long Beach, California

My friend, when Christ came as the king of the Jews and preached, "The kingdom of heaven's at hand"! and chose twelve apostles and empowered them as to go out and commissioned to preach the kingdom's at hand, they had kingdom foretaste. That's why we're told in Hebrews the 6th chapter about those who have... tasted of the powers of the world to come".

When the apostles saw the Lord Jesus and felt as a result of His command on the deck of that little storm-tossed boat, saying to the winds and the waves, "Peace, be still." And immediately there was a great calm. They were tasting of the powers of things to come. When He's going to come back when the world will be tossed and the nations will be raging. You talk about hydrogen bombs, atomic and hydrogen death ray, the devil and ... the horrible half-men, half beast fiends from the pit will ... be out and the whole world will be on the verge of destruction. You talk about a storm. That little boat and its Jewish ... the anti-typical twelve penitent Jews will be there in the tribulation, and they'll say, "Carest Thou not that we perish?! Why should Thou allow to sleep?! Oh Lord save!" And when they truly tear their hearts in repentance, the Jewish remnant, the kingdom people, He’ll hear and come down, and He’ll say, "Peace. Be still." And the anti-christ will go to the lake of fire. We're told in 2 Thessalonians 2 He’ll be destroyed by the brightness of Christ's coming.

The twelve apostles in that boat got a little foretaste of the kingdom, when they tasted of the powers of the world to come when Christ said, "Peace.. Be still." and there was a great calm. And when He took five loaves and three fishes and blessed them and brake them and fed 5000 men besides women and children, they got a little foretaste of the powers of the age to come, the kingdom, the millennium. When Peter had the keys of the kingdom and said to that poor fellow born crippled at the gate of the temple there who was just asking those religious Jews for a penny or two, he didn't think any of them had power to heal him and he wasn't asking for healing. Peter said, "Look on us. I'm Pope Peter the First. Kiss my gold ring. If you can be lifted up to where you can kiss it as I'm being carried on the gold throne on the shoulders of a bunch of goofs," I mean (laughs) ... Simon Peter said, "Look on us. Silver and gold have I none", so much like the present day healers, Jaggers and Freeman and ... "silver and gold have I none. Rut such as I have give I thee. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise, take up your bed and walk", Took him by the hand and immediately his ankles were strengthened, and he leaped and shouted and praised God. That's the keys to the kingdom. "Whatsoever you bind ... loose on earth will be loosed in heaven." And then when Ananias and Saphira lied about giving all they had to the work of the Lord. Peter pronounced a curse of God upon them. He used the keys to hind on earth. Heaven backed him up. Ananias fell dead, young fellows wrapped him up in a sheet and carried him out. Wife came in, not knowing what happened, Peter said, "Did your husband sell the land for so much?" "Yes." "Now why has Satan put it in your heart to lie to the Holy Spirit. Behold the feet of the young men that carried your husband out are at the door for you." She fell dead, they wrapped her up, and took her out! That's the keys of the kingdom. They've tasted the power of the world to come. When Christ is going to come back and will institute the kingdom in Palestine, He's going to reign with a rod of iron!

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