Words by Maurice M Johnson

sung to the tune of "When They Ring the Golden Bells"

There's a Man up in the Glory. 
    He's the Christian's life and story.
Though He once lay cold and dead in a borrowed grave.
    From the pit to haven's portals 
He has gone for trusting mortals.
    Antitype, fulfilling all, He lives to save.

As the golden bells were ringing
While the priest the lamb was bringing,
So my Risen Lamb, as Priest, now works for me. 
There, with Him, enthroned in Glory,
Twas a secret, now my story,
Both His death and life are reckoned now to me!

Home some moment He will call us, 
    From the trials that befall us.
'Tis the Christian's "blessed hope" of victory.
    Wean my heart, I pray, Dear Savior,
That the world, in my behavior,
    May behold that Thou art living here in me.

While He lives for me in heaven, 
    I must put away all leaven; 
And be His alone while here on earth I stay.
    He endured such shame and spittle. 
I've endured, oh shame, so little! 
    Help me, Lord, for Thee to give my life away.

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