Maurice M Johnson
Radio Message

Before long I plan on giving more than one study on the specific subject the gospel of the kingdom of God and the gospel of personal salvation. Before I have time to get into that however, which will not be today at all, let me suggest to you that you read the 16th chapter of Matthew. And if you read carefully you will notice there that the kingdom gospel preachers, including Simon Peter who had been preaching the gospel of the kingdom for approximately three years and had been performing kingdom miracles, did not know, did not even believe that Jesus Christ was going to have to die, be buried, and raised the third day. All of that proves to an honest, God-fearing student that the gospel of the kingdom does not necessarily and does not in itself include anything about the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.

You remember that when Christ began to show His disciples, Matthew 16, when He began to show them how that He must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things of the chief priests and elders and be put to death, but raised the third day, Simon Peter, one of the kingdom gospel preachers, began to rebuke Him, saying, "Not so Lord, be that far from Thee". In other words, "You the king who is in our midst and having empowered us to perform kingdom miracles," Matthew 10, "and commissioned us to go and preach that the kingdom of God is. at hand," Matthew 10, "You are not going to have to die."

Let me say again, that text, Matthew the 16th chapter, proves conclusively to God-fearing Bible readers that the gospel of the kingdom does not in itself have anything to say about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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