What's Wrong With Going To
A "Good" Evangelical Church?

(...when there seems to be no other alternative)


by Bob Thompson


One church may be more evangelistic than other "churches," but organized religion among evangelicals follow pretty much the same format.

 Which of them do not serve the Lord's supper?

 Who among them do not white-wash pagan holidays by making them appear to be Bible oriented holidays that God has obligated Himself to bless.

 Who among these man-made churches do not underwrite their preachers with stipulated salaries? 

 Which of them  do not divide the people of God, while yoking saved and unsaved together by means of common organizational goals? 

Which denominations have not taken sectarian names to themselves to tell themselves apart instead of being satisfied with the Name of the One who saved and bought them with His own atoning blood and wants to tell them all together.

 Which of these organizations do not "vote"  their elders and deacons into office instead of knowing the qualifications of such men and thereby able to intelligently recognize those among them who meet the God’s requirements?

 Which of our grand and glorious institutionalized religious organizations do not water baptize new converts into their churches instead of accepting Acts 2:47 with Gal. 3:27, 1 Cor. 12:13 and Eph. 4:5 as sufficient evidence of the believer’s induction into the body of Christ?  

 Which of them do not promote the concept of "clergy and laity" handed down from Rome centuries ago? 

 Who among them do not promote Sunday Schools, thereby making it easier for  Pop to side-step his God-given responsibility to bring up his children “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”  Eph. 6:5. 

 Which of these religious systems do not send out missionaries, thus promoting the fallacy that if we do not reach the of pagans  of this world with the gospel, millions will perish and spend an eternity in hell – all because we failed to do our part!  (See Psa. 19:1-3 with Romans 10:18.

Finally, how many of these man-made churches can honestly say with the apostle Paul that they “… have kept back nothing that was profitable” unto the saints.  Acts 20:20.

Satan's effort to discourage Christian leaders from following this course is not without design.  He knows full well that preaching the whole Word and recognizing and submitting to the headship, name and program of Christ alone rings the death knell on denominational names, plans and programs.

We already know these things.  My prayer for you is that you will stand with Christ during this day of His rejection and refuse any further compromise but "come out from among them and be separate" - separated to Him and His service. 

 "Let us go therefore  without the camp bearing His reproach."  "They that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution."  "If we suffer with Him, we shall also reign with Him."  (Heb. 13:13;

We are well versed in Scripture... intelligent and we have so much going for us, which, of course, has made us that much more responsible.  The principle, to whom much is given much shall be required, is apropos here. 

 I truly long to see us live up to the light we have!   I  long to see us all take a stand apart from organized, institutionalized religion, contending for and supporting only His all-sufficient Name, His program, and His will for our lives and that of our beloved families.

Needless to say, consorting with and supporting that which Satan has designed can only weaken you spiritually, no matter how "good you feel" by supporting a man-made church with your presence. 

When I think of our potential for usefulness in the hands of the Lord, because of our knowledge of the Word, I am overwhelmed with sadness over compromise.

I ask us, is this the spiritual legacy we want to leave your children?  Is this all you have to offer them when the Lord takes you home?

It’s possible that your children can see  that what you practice is not keeping up with what you know.  Nevertheless, they're going to go along with you because he loves and respects you.  Do you want this on your regret list as you stand before the Bema for rewards? 2 Cor. 5:10.

 By the way, how much time have you spent with your children, instructing him in the things of the Lord,  through the years? 

 These questions are rhetorical, of course, because such matters are between you and the Lord - no one else.


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