Bob Thompson

Because He "is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance," (1 Peter 3:9) God has, in love and mercy, made more than adequate provision for men and women of every clime, race and culture to find rest for their restless souls in the Lord Jesus Christ. Listed are 10 major moves God has already made towards all mankind.

* God convicts all men of sin. John 16:7-9.

* God gives the right of choice to all men. Deut. 30:19; Proverbs 1:20-33; Joshua 24:15, 22; Isa. 65:12.

* God urges all men to hear His Word. Jer. 22:29; John 5:24.

* God gives light to all men. John 1:9; Psalm 19; Rom. 1:20-21.

* God calls all men to be saved. Isa. 45:22; John 5:24; Matt. 11:28

* God (in Christ, by the cross) reconciled all men unto Himself… "not imputing their trespasses…" 2 Cor. 5:19; 1 John 2:2; Heb. 2:9.

* God reveals Himself to all men. Psa. 19:1-2; Rom. 1:19-20; Titus 2:11.

* God draws all men to Himself. John 12:32.

* God wills all men to be saved. 1 Tim. 2:3-4; Titus 2:11.

* Christ died for all men. 1 Tim. 2:6; John 1:29.

Simply stated, Calvin believed that God, before the foundation of the world, elected to save from the guilt and penalty of sin a small remnant of earth’s fallen race (often called "the frozen chosen," because the number to be saved was determined in eternity past and therefore can never be altered), while consigning the rest of humanity to everlasting torment in the lake of fire. This clearly contradicts the following references:

"…God is no respector of persons…" – Acts 10:34.

"…neither is there respect of persons with Him…" - Eph. 6:9.

"The wisdom that is from above is without partiality…" – James 3:17.

"There is no respect of persons with God." - Romans 2:11.

The truth is, Calvinism
IS respect of persons

Locked in deadly embrace, they stand or fall together!


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