Maurice M Johnson
Los Angeles, California
July 23, 1967

Faithful are the wounds of a brother; the kisses of an enemy; they burn, they burn, they scorch, they stab, they poison. "Let brotherly love continue", we're told in the Word of God. It's the bond of perfectness. "By this shall all men know" you're followers of Me, "you' re My disciples, if"... what? Thereís no other bond that God has. It isn't a knowledge of doctrine, it isn't an ability to quote Scripture. "By this shall all men know that you're My disciples, if you have love one for another."

By the way, have you ever read thoughtfully (you pray for me that I'll do it) such passages as in James as having company at your house? What kind of people? Somebody that can't return the call. Somebody that can't return the call. Some poor person. What are you and I going to do when we stand at the judgment seat of Christ and face passages like that?

Don't you like to have people that you just like? Every once in awhile I see and hear some things that look very sectarian to me. Somebody go here, they go to only one house, same one every time. Over here, just one house, same house every time. Same people who click.

How does denominationalism start? How does sectarianism start?' It starts by a drift, never an uphill, spiritual climb. A drift.

Well, I donít know, I just like those folks. They're so nice ... I just like them." Well, that's fine if you love them. It's fine to have congenial friends, yes. But where is the supernatural love manifested in that sort of thing? Supernatural love. Seeking out. Loving people that you wouldn't like ... according to your society.

"And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house." No picture of any selectivity of favorite houses there is there? It's the family of God, the family of God. Be careful about that. We don't drift uphill; we drift downhill.

How many here, Christians, have never been visited by another Christian in this group? How many Christians here haven't been invited home by another Christian? I'm not going to ask you but one further; how many Christians have been invited by the same people twice, thrice, fifteen, twenty times? "Do nothing by partiality", "Having the same care one for another", "Ye that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak", and so forth. The world ... "If you love them that love you, what thank have ye", said the Lord Jesus Christ. The world does that. The world does that.

Now don't invite me to go home for dinner with you. It'll hurt my feelings. It'll make me think you think I've been neglected by you. But look around somebody else.

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